Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moving On / Ode to Roommates

I've had a time of it, lately.

I'm basically being forced to leave where I've lived for 3 years. It's funny, though, because I have whined about wanting to move almost the whole time.
"I want a yard!"
"I want a garden!"
"I want to be able to sleep without earplugs!"
Most of all, I really wanted to live by myself, as much as I have gotten used to great roomies. I have had some AWESOME roomies in this place, which is extraordinarily lucky, since I only knew ONE of them beforehand.

Here's to them (not including the first month where I had to live with a gross slob who I could hear saying "I am all powerful!" in his slovenly bedroom after screwing his girlfriend and blowing raspberries on her stomach, not to mention the most disgusting kitchen ever, egg shells everywhere, garbage everywhere. I lived on toast/cream cheese, and chocolate bars for the entire month, and went out as much as possible - this was before being raw vegan, obviously).


My close pal and roomie from the beginning of my time here. At first thinking she was an odd hermit, once the previous guys had moved out, she and I saw more of each other, hung out, and became best buds. It's been a really great experience living with her. She's helped me through an awful break-up (or disappearance, rather) by force feeding me delicious raw treats she made for me, gone with me on epic blackberry picking sprees, been my bad-movie buddy, put up with my dirty dishes, and has been a back-up for walking my pooch when I need to stay out late.

Some of my fondest memories with Tasha are: going to the SPCA adoption center for the soul purpose of cuddling kitties, walking around Buntzen Lake with the other "Bros," taking Book Ninja pictures at the bookstore I work at, the Peaches concert, the La Roux concert, Playland, trying on stupid felt hats at the craft store, our long Chinese-accent conversations in the car to anywhere, trips to Budgies Burritos, and other very random things. We're known as Funny Awesome Retarded (not just regular retarded!) and we have a fake reggae band called The Retarded Ducks. I think we should rectify this situation and make it a real band.

At La Roux:

Utter Dorks:

At Gorilla Food:


Giddy up. This chick was awesome to live with and she's a sweetheart to boot. Always jovial, super considerate, and easy to get along with, she was always out gallivanting on mountains and soccer fields, living it up. My favourite memories with her are definitely cliff-jumping at Lynn Creek, and going out to Hershe. She was always there for me when I'd have a mini break-down (back in my super-depressed days). Fun to hang out with, I wish she would have stayed longer, but she found love, and I am happy for her!


The first male to live in Da Pussyverse (the name of our all-female apartment, including all pets), Milan was a perfect fit, as he was constantly busy with projects, liked pets (he had two kitties he brought along), stayed up late, and had a weird sense of humour. My favourite memories with him are watching movies with his projector, going on random drives, his afro, and blowing his mind with my raw food, since he was the laziest food-maker ever! He left because of a new job with free rent, alas, he was a cool roomie.

Here is he with his girlfriend and my dog:


About 5 minutes after Milan told me he was leaving, I asked my friend and coworker, Lovely, if she wanted to move in. She said okay, and that was that.
I could write pages about the weirdness of Lovely, but she would probably roll her eyes in boredom that she has heard it all before.
My favourite memories of Lovely are definitely the MSI concert and RevCo concerts, clothes shopping at the stripper store Dare to Ware, constantly barraging her for inside info on my crush (who is now my boyfriend), watching my dog molest her at every opportunity, her bizarre birthday party, her blunt explanations of things, her obsessions with gay porn and cute animal videos, and her hilarious photo captions.

Birthday fun:

At the Mindless Self Indulgence concert in 2009:

And now it all comes to an end. Da Pussyverse is imploding. Everyone is moving out, and since I cannot find any replacements I am forced to leave. BUT, after days of intense sorrow and stress I have found...

MY OWN PLACE. Yes, in the city (barely), affordable, quaint, cozy and happily accepting of my dog.

By the way, happy 5th birthday to my dog, today!
Isn't she beautiful?

I am looking forward to living alone again. I only have done this once, in 2006, for about 10 months. I also got one month to myself in 2003 in Tofino, which was blissful...I SO miss Tofino. If I had no ties here, I would go back in a heartbeat.

I am starting over almost from scratch, and purging my place. I will get all new furniture, including a drawing table, except for a couple of small things, and so, I am very tempted to construct the tent-bed of my fantasies.

Here are some inspiration photos:

I love this one so much!.........

Holy fuck WANT!!!!!!!!!

These types of beds wouldn't be good for sexy business in, though. Or WOULD they?? I guess I'd have to test it out ;)


Also, I will have space for gardening, have access to an already existing veggie patch, blackberry bushes, and am relatively close to my favourite place in the lower mainland (Lynn Creek) and fresh spring water. I will have to grow some kale, for endless kale chips.

And so, this month will be spent ridding myself of anything unnecessary, selling bits and bobs, and preparing myself for change. This time, I really think things are going to rule!


  1. BARF.. ahem, i mean.. gosh... thanks.. we will continue our BIG ADVENTURES and crazy F.A.R. antics for years to come.. starting with a trip to playland! Thanks for being an awesome roomie... let's spend this summer riding rides and picking blueberries and blackberries!

  2. :D HELLZ yeah. I mean...waaaooooowww...

  3. Such a touching post... considering I'm over the moon t b shot of my roomie!

  4. well i've had crappy roomies before - these ones have been gooders!