Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things I Would Change

If I could do my life over, this is what I would do differently:

+ I would take better care of my teeth
+ I would never bleach my hair
+ I would listen to my babysitter and not ride my bike down the overpass that would scar my face for life
+ I would ignore the people who harrassed me in school and laugh at them
+ I would demand to go surfing as much as possible, as young as possible
+ I would never give up on my teenage dreams because I was told I need a backup plan
+ I would not waste my time on many boyfriends I've had, or certain friends
+ I would spend more time with my Nana
+ I would eat raw my whole life
+ I would not go to multimedia school
+ I would keep snowboarding
+ I would try harder at modeling
+ I would spend way less time on the internet
+ I would leave my skin ALONE

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