Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Would Happen if...!?

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This is a new regular thing I am going to do, sort of like "Why Don't You?" of Cosmo magazine and Diane Vreeland style, but in my own style.


What would happen if...

+ you booked a day off, just to enjoy yourself?
+ you left your computer off, all day, all week, all month? What would you accomplish?
+ you told everyone you love JUST how much you love them, even if they might not say it back?
+ you fed your body only food that had life in it?
+ you wrote down everything you loved when you were a kid and a teenager...and started to do those things again?
+ you believed you were the most gorgeous thing in existence?
+ you danced outside in the rain, naked? Even if it was freezing? Would you die? What if you just realized the "pain" involved was because only because of your resistance to it?
+ you decided to be kind and loving to EVERY SINGLE PERSON you encounter today?
+ you embody your idea of the ideal person?
+ you go collect your own spring water, your own wild food, your own fresh air, your own sunlight? For the day, how would you feel?
+ you stop thinking of eating healthfully as "denial" and instead think of it as "nourishing" and "ecstatic bliss"?
+ you question it all?
+ you "surf the library" like you surf the internet? Go randomly around the whole place and don't look where you're going, and pick up different books you know nothing about?
+ you read something, and watch something that is normally out of your comfort zone?
+ you read "I am an Emotional Creature" by Eve Ensler?
+ you give someone something of yours, that you know they love?
+ walked barefoot all the time?
+ you questioned all your beliefs? (read Byron Katie)
+ you were completely content with your body, and instead focused on how you feel mentally?
+ you traveled somewhere you never considered?
+ you wove leaves in your hair?
+ you kissed your lover as much as humanly possible, with intense sincerity?
+ you built a fort out of your bed and slept as if you were ensconced in love? (you are)

Please comment, and ask your own "What would happen if..." questions!

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