Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Real Bravery

I've been thinking about bravery lately.

People do a lot of stupid things, and call them brave. Some look incredibly fun, and like adrenaline rushes (always nice), but I'm not sure I could call someone brave for doing them. A risk-taker, yes. Brave means something different to me.

I've been told I am a brave person, and it's rarely because of so-called adventurous things. It's mostly been because I do what I want, I say what I feel, and I don't let people sway me from what I am really passionate about. If I feel someone, or myself, is being unfairly treated, I will speak up. I'm also told I am brave because I am so open, so loving, and so honest.

Here are other examples of things I think are very brave:

+ Telling people you love that you love them. Especially if you aren't sure they will say it back. Saying it just so they KNOW.

+ Being honest.

+ Standing up for your friends. FIERCE loyalty!

+ Going places on your own; not needing someone else to accompany you. This goes for dining out, movies, traveling, etc. Just go on your own! Unless it's a dangerous place. Then going alone is brave AND stupid.

+ Quitting your job if you are rarely happy. Leaving your partner if you are rarely happy. I have a rule now: If I'm not happy 90% of the time in any situation, I will change my situation. There are ALWAYS other options. I'd rather be happy. Wouldn't you? If you CAN'T change your situation, change your attitude towards it. There are rarely situations you cannot change.

+ Always striving towards your life-long dreams, regardless of your age or what people say about you. If people try to deter you, you do it anyway - YOUR way.

+ Taking your own health in your own hands. It can be scary, especially if you have a "serious condition."

+ To be compassionate when others aren't.

+ Helping less fortunate people, and animals.

+ Believing you are beautiful, all the time. Knowing you are.

What do you think real bravery is?


  1. These are great examples of bravery!

  2. Wow i really really love this and you speak from your heart...youve given me something to think about...when ive thought about it enough ill come back...life would be so much better if we just didnt hold back from our dreams,i do sometimes but i realise how silly it is not to live as who you feel you want to be:-)

  3. I like those , thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Thanks for this post. Very well written. Some I do, some I have yet to do, but all worth working towards.

  5. Hey, even I am working towards some of them! I do most of them, but some are difficult for me, like saying "I love you" to the people I love - it gets stuck in my throat and a fear washes over me. I have traced the fear back and I'm pretty sure why I know this happens, but it's still hard.

    I force it, though!