Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Plans

So, I have been quite at a loss, lately, and for months now I have been diligently writing EVERY DAY in my hand-written journal. And I notice a theme...I don't have a hell of a lot to write about.

I guess this comes with the territory of being a bit of a loner and reading a lot (reviews coming up soon!) but I feel like my life has become too bland. So I have some plans for the rest of the year, AND I have a book that is bubbling in my head, and I know it will be written down and out. It's forming bit by bit, and it will be epic. Possibly a series.

So, one of my favourite bloggers and authors, Keri Smith, is moving to Vancouver to teach at Emily Carr, so I want to take a class with her - fun! If you don't know her books, I recommend you seek them out because they are very original and fun. Also, I want to take a creative writing course and more photography. This is because I do really well with structure.

I also plan to learn to forage a bit this year, and if I end up staying in this apartment I have to learn how to garden with what I've got - we have a balcony but don't get much light - or maybe we do in the morning...I'm never up.

Hiking, and planning to start running once I get my weird Vibram shoes (with the built-in toes).

Must go cliff-jumping at Lynn Creek and Playland at least twice since I didn't do either last summer - I was too busy ravaging my boyfriend. Oh, and I'd like to do the zombie walk again :)

In other news, it's our anniversary next week!! I'm making him a comic about our year together. This is my longest relationship - so it's a big deal to me to make it to one year.

Mostly I am going to try and sleep less, too - my diet has been nut-heavy all winter and I have been sleeping a lot (or not at all, when I get insomnia) so I am going to try and lighten each meal, eat more greens (KALE CHIPS), and not eat at least 4 hours before I sleep - when I eat before bed I always get too hot, and I can't sleep at all, even with the window open. Usually I have something heavy when I get home from work and then my body is digesting away and no wonder I can't sleep.

I read a good article about emotional or habitual eating if you are interested - it made a lot of sense to me. I am still obsessed with reading about food :)

I love Angela Stokes.

OH, I have decided that my next vacation is going to be to Ecuador, next May! There is a raw food gathering there - I saw lots of video footage of the one that just happened over the last month, and it looked so awesome that I just have to go. Also, then I can visit the Galapagos if I can, and go to Brazil and see my uncle! I guess I'd need at least 3 weeks off...I can do it!

I am a bit hyper right now as I had my cacao concoction.

Is that the sun I see, peeking out? I hope so. I have been aching to lie in the park on the grass and just enjoy the warmth on my back. But nooo, we have to have the rain! Oh, I promised myself I wouldn't complain all day. Oops!

I fooled some people at work into thinking that I chopped off my hair. It was fun.

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