Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What would happen if...? #2

+ you wrote your mother a letter for mother's day/father for father's day saying how much you love her and WHY - truly madly deeply from your soul, instead of buying her something just because you feel you have to?

+ you said to your most cherished friend (or lover, or both), "Do you know how much I fucking love you?!"

+ you went an entire day without complaining about ANYTHING? a week? a month?

+ you realized that nothing is a big deal until you MAKE it a big deal?

+ you went on a mad expedition of your own city/town/country?

+ you started to send real letters, written by hand, stamped, mailed, and full of love?

+ you shunned all ideals OTHER people have set for you?

+ you wrote at least one sentence a day in a journal, about your life? Just one sentence is enough. That's enough to keep it going.

+ You started to do the things you admire in others, without actually comparing yourself to them?

+ you stop paying attention to people who offer nothing to society which then makes them rich and famous? Pay attention to awesome, vivacious, talented, interesting people instead! What you focus on indeed has an affect on who you are.

+ you realize that being cute is not enough?

+ you buy something from the grocery that is completely foreign to you, then look up a recipe for it online? Try jicama, okra, fennel, leeks, kelp, kumquats, or anything you have never tried. I know someone who's never eaten an orange or tomato! Well, maybe she has by now (I hope). If you are very brave, try durian. They have it at Asian markets. Smelly but delicious.

+ you removed yourself from whatever is making you misersable on a constant basis? If anything is making you sad on an ongoing basis, you need to remove yourself from it, or change your attitude. It's your life, why spend it being a grump?

+ you realized being happy is a choice?

+ you realized a healthy body and mind is the key to choosing to be happy?

+ you made a valiant effort at everything you bother to do, whether it be the dishes, or walking the dog, or typing a memo? Instead of complaining about it, really get into it. You have to do it anyway.

+ you learned a simple type of massage and treated your friends to it when you can see they need it?

+ you made a treasure hunt for someone you adore, leading to a special gift, or a beautiful letter?

+ you realized nothing is YOURS, and that you are just borrowing it while you are alive?

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